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What Is Samuel Kahn Passionate About?

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Like many individuals, Samuel Kahn regularly engages in a variety of topics and activities that he is passionate about. He understands that life is all about finding the right balance to suit your personal needs and implements different activities within his daily life accordingly. Always loving the thrill of a new venture, here is what Samuel Kahn is passionate about.

Sam’s main passions in life are his business, family, religion and piano to which he dedicates a large proportion of his time to. In business, he loves to challenge himself and expand his knowledge within the claims management industry. He finds the perspectives of different individuals interesting and eye-opening. 

One of Sam’s favourite things about running his own business is the deals he is able to make. He enjoys hitting the road to attend meetings, getting to meet interesting people and taking part in some fun negotiations. The sales part is a highlight at this level. Sam still gets nervous when going into meetings but he knows that it is all part of the thrill!

Sam Kahn’s religion plays a major role in his everyday life, taking part in morning and evening prayers as well as teaching Shiur on Thursday nights and attending his local synagogue regularly. Committed to expanding his knowledge, he loves taking part in religious learning and conducts religious debates on various topics. Sam takes great pleasure in seeing things from new angles and embracing differing viewpoints. 

As much as Samuel Kahn loves to take part in these proactive and demanding passions, he also looks forward to his downtime on Shabbat. Sam has a flair for music and very much relishes playing the piano when he gets the chance. Being a businessman with a large family, he jumps at every opportunity he gets to pursue his creative talents. 

Samuel Kahn understands that purpose can guide life decisions, shape goals and offer a sense of direction. For Sam, his purpose and passions are connected to a vocation as well as religious beliefs and family life. Purpose and passions are unique for everyone and have the ability to shift as priorities.

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