who is samuel Kahn

Professional Claims Adjustor

Samuel Kahn resides with his family in Manchester, United Kingdom, where he owns and operates a claims management business. A self-described ‘workaholic’ and ‘family-holic’, Samuel is also devoutly religious, attending synagogue three times daily. He write a daily to-do list. He highlight the ones that he have done and he transfer the ones that haven’t yet been achieved to the next page. It’s old-fashioned but it works. He only sleep 3 or 4 hours a night. During the day, he have back-to-back meetings, he have learning sessions, and he study every day.


Samuel’s family has always been business orientated. Even from a young age Sam remember’s it was always business, business, business, weekends, evenings it was always business.

This set a spark off in Samuel and at the age of 13, he started his business journey selling watches to classmates. You could even say it’s in his blood, Sam has always been a trader at heart.

Samuel’s industry Specialises in guiding people who have been mis-lead and lost money. This could be due to inexperienced financial advisors or even false information, whatever the case may be, your best interests didn’t come first.


Sam became an expert within his field over the last ten years and has built a successful business around it. Sam’s business does not charge an upfront fee or charge based on time, they put their money where there mouth is and charge on results only.

Sam and his team are hungry to get positive results- they don’t get paid unless they do so you can be sure that he works hard on every single case- the more he achieves for his clients the more his business can build- its a win win.

Sam says “the thrill, the ecstasy of seeing people receiving these payments make me happier than what I earn from it, to help people get back what they thought they lost forever is an amazing gift and let me assure you it does not come easy”.


Samuel Kahn

What is success for Samuel Kahn?

The right amount of money, which is a very subjective and individualistic figure depending on the person, with the health and intellect to use it wisely.

In other words the ability to build more to help more is how I see success.

Sam says “helping people can be in many different ways and the way I like to help others is to give to charity, and help give people the ability to earn for themselves”

Samuel Kahn

What is Sam's biggest obstacle?

Like everyone Sam has his own struggles to deal with that come with normal stress of a big family and a big business, Sam says one of the hardest things for him is having patience, Sam says “I like things to happen now, and its hard when you have someone who needs a result yesterday and you have to wait for the system to work”.

Daily Sam is learning the fine art of patience.

Samuel Kahn

What is one trend that excited Sam?

Seeing a product succeed, or seeing a business that I’ve invested in or that I’m helping in any way succeed.

It’s better than a million pound. I get a real kick out of the success of others as well as my own personal growth and development.


Test, Test, and Test Again

Sam is always looking for the next ‘thing’. Sam holds the attitude that investing in something that may not work is ok- he believes in ‘NEXT’ which means if he does something and it fails then he takes control of that feeling and moves on.

Sam believes in giving people opportunities where he can and believes that you need to test and explore and try in order to find your own personal success.


Sam believes that many people behave in certain ways to get reactions or attention, this can be through being silly to get a laugh, or gathering 20 people around you just so you can show people how clever you are.

How does he know this? because he used to be this person.

However, over the years Sam discovered that this was just holding him back from his true success and realised that sometimes being more selective with your time and attention can lead to stronger and more successful results and alliances.


Sam is a big believer in agenda’s, even if it means using a yellow post-it note to make the agenda on.

Sam likes to follow the agenda so that he does not go over time and also covers everything that is needed in the meeting- there is nothing worse then going into a meeting and having things you need to discuss to miss it all and talk about the snow.

Sam says “When I start a meeting I tend to have my agenda in front of me and I take my watch off and put it in front but to the left of me- this keeps me on the ball and to the point”.

Sam also believes that its all in the follow-up- he says “not much point doing a production meeting if you are not going to follow everything up”.

Just following a clean agenda and doing the relevant follow-up should give you the basis to create/manage/ achieve the success you want out of life.


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