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How Has Covid-19 Affected Samuel Kahn’s Business?

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Many businesses have been deeply affected by the Covid-19 pandemic over the past 18 months. Samuel Kahn, from Manchester, has experienced first-hand the impact that has occurred within many businesses. Some have been affected by extended lockdowns and having to move their whole office to remote working, some have had to pivot their business in a whole new direction, and others have had to close down their business completely. 

Samuel Kahn has been one of the lucky ones to have only had a minimum impact and has been able to continue to operate remotely with his team. Many industries have been greatly affected but Mr Kahn is grateful that his industry, regulated claims management, has been able to continue operating and being able to support his clients. This is also with thanks to many of the regulating bodies he works with. 

Unfortunately, others have not been as lucky. Sam Kahn has personally seen many businesses having to close down as their industry was considered a non-essential service therefore their cash flow reduced significantly or ceased altogether. 

Other businesses had to lay off a large amount of their staff which resulted in a higher workload for those that remained or had to completely pivot their business strategy, product or direction in order to stay afloat and generate income.

Sam Kahn believes that now is the most important time to ensure that all businesses have an online presence through digital marketing, in order to be prepared and ahead of the game.

Samuel Kahn, Manchester Businessman’s Parting Words On Thriving Through The Pandemic

The Covid-19 crisis not only threw the public health system into chaos but also impacted so many businesses and lives across the world. The world has experienced a digital revolution which came about as one of the many impacts of Covid-19. The focus and shift to digital means and platforms have been objectively good for many businesses globally. Samuel Kahn understands the importance of being adaptable and making the necessary changes within your business, especially if it’s been affected by Covid-19.

Being open to change and increasing flexibility within businesses is the best chance a business has to thrive through the pandemic. This shows the ability to adapt in unprecedented times. Just like many companies across the world Covid-19 has affected Sam Kahn’s but he has used all the avenues available to him so that the virus has had a minimal impact. 

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