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Motivating your Way to Success by Sam Kahn

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Motivation is the force behind what drives us to achieve our goals. In order to be successful in all aspects of life, it is important that we are motivated to do what we need to do. However, there are many factors that can disrupt the way in which we are motivated, says Sam Kahn. 

What is Success?

Success is different for everyone. Success is different for every day, and even every hour! There are no universal rules to know what success means to everyone else because there are so many factors that go into it – like personal goals, hobbies, lifestyle, values. But ultimately, success is the accomplishment of an aim or a purpose. 

Why you Do what you Do

The most important part is to define what this means to you, and find what motivates you to continue to work towards this. Your why is what will allow you to continue moving towards your goal, regardless of whatever challenges come your way.  

In order to define success for yourself, you will have to identify your purpose and focus on achieving that purpose for a long time. You will have to set your goals and work towards them with the understanding that you may never reach them, but it will be worth the journey.

Staying Focussed

Having a clear vision and purpose will be the first step in allowing yourself to stay motivated and focus on your desired outcome. But another key element is having patience and an understanding that things don’t happen straight away. It’s all about taking consistent action daily towards your intended outcome, but being patient and having compassion for yourself as you move through the journey. 

Steps for Staying Motivated

Make sure you are able to feel good about yourself by taking care of your mental health and happiness. Surrounding yourself with supportive people who can help you when you need it is key. Ensure you take ready social breaks throughout your week or month. Making lists or creating visual representations of life goals is also another way to stay motivated. This can also ensure that you keep on track and focus on your goal.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start Again

Success is an ever-evolving process that requires constant self-reflection and revision. In order to achieve success, we need to know where we’re going and how our expectations align with the realities of life. Success isn’t achieved overnight and it’s not easy to maintain. Success requires work, but it also requires patience and determination because the journey never ends.

There Is No Set Formula for Success 

Having a set definition of success is like saying that there is one right way to do anything. Success, by its very definition, is generally different for everyone because it’s not defined by how someone looks on the outside or what they have in their bank account.

The formula for success might vary from person to person but it does not stop people from trying. Those who try are often the ones with the most opportunities available to them and find themselves at better places in life.

Success can be defined as a journey rather than a destination. What matters most is that you are happy and satisfied with your accomplishments and know what you want out of life.

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