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How Samuel Kahn Unwinds With The Piano

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As many of you would know, leading a fulfilling and busy life can be incredibly rewarding but with the hustle and bustle should also come time for yourself. Samuel Nathan Kahn enjoys down time away from his workaholic lifestyle, playing relaxing music on his most cherished possession, his piano. 

Studies have shown that playing the piano vastly improves mental health with individuals playing the piano said to experience less anxiety and depression. Enjoying a tune for just a couple of minutes per day can improve self-esteem, increase positivity and lower your blood pressure. Sam Kahn knows first hand that there are many benefits to playing the piano and creating wonderful melodies.

Family Time 

Piano is not only enjoyed by Sam himself but the whole family joins in with his hobby. If his children aren’t listening to his music they are recording him and creating special family memories. As a collective, they understand the wonders of piano music shared amongst family and friends. Music is a universal language that crosses all barriers and is one of the best ways to bring together the whole household. 

Power And Passion

Sam Nathan Kahn believes that piano music forms a strong emotional connection between both listeners and the player. The piano was specifically designed to reflect human emotion and feeling, so it is no wonder that individuals such as Sam are drawn in by its beauty. With the ability to enrich people with a range of emotions such as joy, wonder or even sorrow, there is much power and passion to be enjoyed when playing the piano. 

Enhanced Performance

There is a direct correlation between playing the piano and academic success. It has proven to enhance concentration and focus, both of which are vital in the world of business. Sam Kahn subconsciously improves his business even when he isn’t working, with the help of his piano. Not only is Sam able to wind down from his busy days but he is also assisting himself in every other area of his personal and professional life. 

Providing endless benefits, it comes as no surprise that Sam Kahn takes it upon himself to enjoy time playing the piano. From enriched family time making everlasting memories to seeking out his passions and enhancing his performance within his daily life. There are many reasons why he chooses to play the piano, with the main being that it is a hobby he truly loves doing.

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