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Samuel Nathan Kahn’s biggest Role Model in Business

When it comes to role models, most people look up to those whose behaviours and success has had a positive influence in the world, someone who is generally ranked highly by a majority of people. 

But for Samuel Nathan Kahn, his biggest influence in business and decision making has been none other than Donald Trump. But not because of his character, any of his mistakes, or any of the remarks he has made that people might find offensive.

Donald Trump, as most of you know, is a successful businessman who served as the 45th president of the United States of America from 2017 to early 2021. He is well known for his controversial statements and decision making, and is generally either highly respected or extremely disliked by many across the globe.

Donald Trump has always had an extensive schedule and time management has been a huge factor in his success. He is known for his early morning wake ups, back-to-back meetings throughout the day, and working well into the evening, which Samuel Khan highly respects as a fellow ‘workaholic’ himself.

Samuel Kahn is inspired by Trump because of his ability to have several knockdowns by his own mistakes, the governments, banks, and the economy, but  has always gotten back up and rebuilt his business. He admires his passion, and his drive for success and achievement no matter what.

Samuel Nathan Kahn has been part of multiple successful and not so successful businesses throughout his career. Similar to Trump, Kahn has been knocked down many times in his 35+ years of business. But his determination, commitment and passion for helping others is what has allowed him to continue to rise up again every single time.  

Samuel Nathan Kahn owns and operates a regulated claims management business that specialises in guiding people who have been mis-lead and lost money. Over the years, his firm has helped many people to get back their lost money. The loss may have happened due to inexperienced financial advisors or even false information, whatever the case may be.

Living by the key learnings; Work hard, play hard, give hard, Samuel Kahn is a successful claims adjuster that many people look up to. Like Donald Trump, insight into Kahn’s business career is an inspiring one, and his business growth strategy is very unique and successful. To find out more about his success, visit https://samuel-kahn.co.uk/

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